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Financial Careers

Financial Careers

General Education Requirements for Becoming a Financial Advisor

Working as a financial advisor can be very rewarding. If you are interested in working as an advisor, financial coursework is necessary. While the requirements for a job in the field can vary from one employer to the next, there are some general education requirements you should complete if you are interested in pursuing a career as a financial advisor....(more)

What Is a Financial Advisor?

If you are interested in pursuing a financial career, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the career options that are available. One career option that certainly deserves a closer look is that of a financial advisor. Before you pursue a career in this field, however, it is beneficial to learn what a financial advisor is and what to expect from this career....(more)

Careers in Accounting: Job Overview of a CPA

A CPA is one of the most common jobs in the financial field. CPAs are often found preparing people's taxes, but their duties may vary greatly depending on their employers. Whether a CPA works at a private practice preparing tax returns or works exclusively in-house for one company, the fundamental aspects of the job remain the same....(more)

Financial Careers 101: A Job Overview of an Insurance Claim Adjuster

With dozens of career paths available within the financial sector, deciding which one is best for you is difficult. One career path you might want to consider is that of an insurance claims adjuster. Before you start pursuing this career path, however, it is beneficial to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of an insurance claims adjuster....(more)


Popular Careers in the Banking Industry

There are a wide variety of careers in the banking industry. These careers offer a high degree of growth potential and opportunities for advancement. Working in a bank is a time-honored and respected profession. Here are just a few of the positions available in banking today....(more)

Different Careers in Banking

The banking sector is one of the most stable areas to maintain a career for many years to come. There are positions available that cater to a variety of skills and interests. Despite the opportunities, each career field is not for everyone, as each field requires its own level of discipline and hard work. Here is a list of the most popular careers in banking....(more)


Employment Guidelines Regarding Public Accounting Firms

There are many different career opportunities at a public accounting firm. Each requires its own set of skills and experience. A staff auditor needs a minimum of one year experience and the ability to communicate with clients, working with them to gather relevant information. An audit manager on the other hand needs at least six years of experience and must also have team building and interoffice communication skills. One similarity for all jobs at a public accounting firm is the employment guidelines that are followed by the employer to ensure that each hire meets the standards of the industry....(more)

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant

CNN Money ranks the Certified Public Accountant career as one of the top 100 jobs in the United States. This in-demand career option is coveted by all sectors because CPAs have the skills to do it all when it comes to financial management, taxes, accounting and auditing. The career path of a Certified Public Accountant involves the following steps....(more)

Accountant Advice: Becoming a CPA

Becoming a certified public accountant is an important step to showing legitimacy to potential employers and clients. Using the title of CPA shows that the accountant has undergone special training and allows an accountant to perform certain tasks, such as auditing a publicly traded company. Plan to become a CPA years before taking the actual CPA exam. Following these tips maximizes your ability to become a CPA....(more)